Cigar Rights of America | J.C. Newman Cigar Co.

Getting History on Our Side

For many years, Cigar Rights of America (CRA) has waged a battle on many fronts in Washington, D.C., to protect premium cigars from U.S....
U.S. Supreme Court Appointment Impact on Tobacco Merchants

The Impact of U.S. Supreme Court Appointments and Confirmations on Tobacco Merchants

The current news about appointments and confirmations to the United States Supreme Court may have a greater—and more favorable—impact on tobacco merchants than they...
Tobacco Business Awards 2019

Tobacco Business Awards 2019 Nominees Revealed

Tobacco Business Magazine is excited to announce the 2019 nominees for the Tobacco Business Awards. These awards are designed to honor the best businesses,...
Mike Edwards, Airreys Cigars

The Advantage of a Disadvantage: Mike Edwards and Airreys Cigars

Mike Edwards is a professional athlete and serious entrepreneur. Born in Manchester, England, and raised in Florida, Edwards launched his own lifestyle brand centered...
Lord and Lady Carnarvon, Highclere Castle Cigars

Small World, Big Opportunities: A Look at Highclere Castle Cigars

If you’ve watched the popular television series “Downton Abbey,” you’ve seen Highclere Castle, a working estate in England that served as the home of...
Solace Technologies

Solace: A Smoking Solution

The rapid growth of the vapor industry has been attracting a steady influx of entrepreneurs aiming to capitalize on the potential that a viable...
Edward Simon, Oettinger Davidoff

The Way Forward: The Future of Oettinger Davidoff

Earlier this year, Oettinger Davidoff announced that Jim Young, president of Davidoff of Geneva North America, would be adding the title of chief commercial...
Ian Walker, Northern Briar pipes

Classically English: Ian Walker’s Northern Briars

Ian Walker, owner of the English pipemaking company Northern Briars, is celebrating a big anniversary this year—the 60th year of his company’s birth in...
Jon Huber, Crowned Heads

Carve Your Own Path: Leveraging Authenticity with Crowned Heads’ Jon Huber

Authenticity is a trait that many successful brands and entrepreneurs have learned how to master. It can’t be faked or manufactured—you either keep it...
Art Garcia, Antigua Esteli

Into the Groove: Art Garcia and Antigua Esteli Cigars

You’re likely to find Art Garcia in a studio, making music and developing new talent for several companies. You’ll also find him hard at...
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