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HVC Cigars’ Reinier Lorenzo

The Personal Touch: HVC Cigars

It might be natural to jump to the conclusion that Reinier Lorenzo, the owner of HVC Cigars, has always dreamed of being the owner...
Karl Malone | TPE 2020

The Mailman Delivers: Karl Malone Takes on TPE 2020

Karl Malone got his nickname “The Mailman” for always delivering in the clutch. In a professional basketball career that spanned 20 years in the...
Tobacco Business Awards 2020 Winners Revealed

Tobacco Business Awards 2020 Winners Revealed

The third annual Tobacco Business Awards ceremony were held at an exclusive invite-only in Las Vegas on Jan. 30, 2020. The awards were held...
It's Showtime: A Guide to TPE 2020

It’s Showtime: Your Guide to Tobacco Plus Expo 2020

Set to take over Las Vegas from Jan. 29-31, 2020, Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) has transformed over the years along with the tobacco, vapor...
Erik Espinosa | Espinosa Cigars

A Recipe for Success: Espinosa Cigars

Erik Espinosa entered the cigar business in 1997, when he began working in the warehouse of Caribe Imported Cigars, a company founded by Julio...
Altadis Connect

Making the Connection: The Altadis Connect Digital Platform

Within the premium tobacco industry there is a common misconception that innovation only occurs within the space of product development. Manufacturers like Altadis U.S.A....
David Garofalo | 2 Guys Smoke Shop | David vs. Goliath

Slaying Giants: 2 Guys Smoke Shop’s David Garofalo

In 2019, David Garofalo, the owner of 2 Guys Smoke Shop, which is based in Salem, New Hampshire, seems to be licensed to print...
TPE 2020 Educational Conference Schedule

TPE 2020’s Educational Conference

For TPE 2020, TMG set out to reinvigorate the trade show’s educational conference by bringing in some of the premium tobacco industry’s biggest disruptors...
Cigar Marketplace

Cigar Marketplace: A Simplified Solution

Many businesses are born from the attempt of an entrepreneur trying to address a problem within the market. In 2018, Starky Arias saw that...
Changing Signal: Inside Ohserase Manufacturing's Rebrand of Signal Cigarettes

Changing Signal: Inside Ohserase Manufacturing’s Rebrand of Signal Cigarettes

“Ohserase” is a term in the Mohawk language that means “new year,” and it’s the Native American name of Eli Tarbell, who established Ohserase...
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Karl Malone Barrel Aged by La Auroa

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