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Carlos "Carlioto" Fuente Jr.

An Interview with Carlos Fuente Jr.

Father, husband, son, entrepreneur, cigarmaker—Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. is many things to many people, and to the readers of Tobacco Business magazine, he’s iconic....
Operation: Cigars for Warriors: See You At C.A.T.S. Fest

Operation: Cigars for Warriors See You at C.A.T.S. Fest

Many people over the years have asked me the question, “What the hell is C.A.T.S. Fest?”—and then they want to know when it is....
TPE 2020 | Amy Tejada, Henderson Ventura, Indiana Ortez

TPE 2020: The Momentum Builds

The 16th annual Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE), held Jan. 29-31, 2020, at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall, was clearly the biggest and...
Tobacco Business Awards 2020 Winners

Tobacco Business Awards 2020

The third annual Tobacco Business Awards ceremony was held at an exclusive invitation-only party in Las Vegas on Jan. 30, 2020. The event was...
Top 24 Cigars of 2020 | Tobacco Business Magazine

Top 24 Cigars of 2020

More than 24 different cigars in four different categories were included in this year’s Tobacco Business Awards. These cigars were chosen and voted on...
Unboxing Humidors | Elie Bleu

Unboxing Humidors, Part 2

Just as the cigar industry has some well-known players, so does the humidor industry. Elie Bleu was founded in 1976 in the heart of...
Tommi Ascorti | Pipe Maker

Three Generations of Excellence

One could say that briar dust runs in the veins of the Ascorti family. Since 1959, when Guiseppe Ascorti, who was known to his...
Unboxing Humidors | Colibri

Unboxing Humidors, Part 1

Cigars are a luxury and also an investment. As with any luxury item, you should protect your investment. Most cigar enthusiasts pride themselves on...
Battleground South Cigar Lounge

No Place Like Home: Battleground South Cigar Lounge

Today’s most successful premium cigar retailers offer their customers a lot more than a good selection of cigars at reasonable prices. In an age...
Heinrich Villiger | Villiger Cigars

Villiger’s Visionary Leadership, Part 2

In part 2 of the January/February 2020 cover story on Heinrich Villiger, we explore how Villiger's leader took the company global, expanded the company's...
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