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Nate King Pipes

From the Race Shop to the Workshop

It’s an irony of auto racing that going fast on the race track requires a slow, detailed and meticulous approach in the race shop....

30 Years in the Making: Gurkha Cigars Celebrates a Milestone With New Release

This year marks the 30th anniversary for Gurkha Cigars, a company with a reputation built on ultra-premium cigars. Brand owner Kaizad Hansotia attributes his...
flavor tobacco bans

California Tobacco Flavor Bans

In the past several months, a growing number of California cities and counties have considered local ordinances that would ban the retail sale of...
Zev Kaminetsky of Royal Agio Cigars USA

Selling Through Awareness: Sales Tips from Royal Agio’s Zev Kaminetsky

What makes one premium cigar different from another? Aren’t they both rolled leaves with a different band on them? What makes a premium cigar...
New Views on Vapor

Vapor’s Updated Voice

The vapor category is still solid with tobacco retailers—but with some new twists. As competition heats up in the premium cigarette segment with heightened...
New Beginnings for Vapor

New Beginnings for Vapor

The United States of America saw an unprecedented presidential campaign in 2016, and now President Trump has taken office. For the vapor industry, at...
Sebastien Derbomez Brand Ambassador for Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder’s Triple-Play Appeal

Meet Monkey Shoulder, the world’s first triple-malt scotch. Its name refers to a temporary ailment named “monkey shoulder” that was suffered by maltmen after...
Blinc Group

Blinc Group: Cultivating Cannabis Technology

Throughout the vapor industry’s ups and downs—fervently embraced by consumer fans, but vilified by the “anti” community and the traditional tobacco industry—the controversial product...
Mark Pursell IPCPR

Beyond the Show: Behind the Scenes of the IPCPR

The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) has a history that goes back to the 1930s. Since its beginning, this trade association...
Kevin Newman, Silverleaf Strategies

Mission: Objective – Using Data-Driven Insights to Build Brand Awareness

In 2013, Kevin Newman met Ram Rodriguez, a man who was part of a family that helped make premium cigars for different companies within...
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Ventura Cigar Company Archetype Chapter 3

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