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David Garofalo | 2 Guys Smoke Shop | David vs. Goliath

Slaying Giants: 2 Guys Smoke Shop’s David Garofalo

In 2019, David Garofalo, the owner of 2 Guys Smoke Shop, which is based in Salem, New Hampshire, seems to be licensed to print...
Abe Flores | PDR Cigars

Opening New Doors

When one door closes, another always seems to open up. That certainly has been the case for Abe Flores. The 43-year-old owner of PDR...
Nirka Reyes | De Los Reyes

Writing Her Own Saga

While the previous six generations of her family were involved in growing tobacco and making cigars, Nirka Reyes imagined a different career for herself....
Hugh Cassar of Kretek International

Driven: Kretek International’s Hugh Cassar, Part 1

Thirty-five years after establishing Kretek International and overseeing the company’s aggressive expansion into nearly every aspect of the specialty tobacco industry, it’s hard to...
Alain Crevet, CEO of ST Dupont

S.T. Dupont: The Invention of Luxury

S.T. Dupont has been making luxury items since it was founded in 1872. In its 145-year history, its clientele has included celebrities like Jacqueline...
Ted Swearingen of Uploading Profits primarily sells pipes and pipe tobacco. Pipe tobacco is considered to be a low-margin product, while pipes are generally more favorably marked up...
The Cigarette Corrective Statements Litigation

The Cigarette Corrective Statements Litigation

In 1999, the U.S. government sued the major cigarette manufacturers, asserting claims under several federal statutes for conduct by the companies dating back to...
Spark Vapor Brands

Sparking Innovation

The new CTS line of e-vaping systems from Spark Vapor Brands offers four new closed-tanks system devices from Vapage and Cig2o that deliver a...
Lighing Up Profits: Lighters

Lighting Up Profits: A Look at Lighters

A 2017 government study estimated that about one in five adults in the U.S. use tobacco products on a regular basis. That’s a lot...
Nestor Miranda and Jason Wood of Miami Cigar & Co.

Hustle & Grow: The Story of Miami Cigar & Co.

The cigar industry is full of success stories, but few are as unique as that of the Miranda family and Miami Cigar & Co....
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