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Kelly Michlos, STG Lane

Pipes Unlimited

The history of Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd. (STG Lane) is decorated with successful, well-known heritage brands, while the company itself is anything but...
IPCPR 2017 Show Schedule

85th Annual IPCPR Convention & International Trade Show Schedule

Every year the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association holds a trade show and convention which is one of the largest gathering of...
Avanti Cigar

Avanti: An American Dream

Avanti Cigar Company’s history dates back more than 100 years to when the founders of the company wanted to capitalize on their love for...
PMI iQOS FDA Harm Reduction

Is the FDA on the Brink of True Harm Reduction?

In July, the FDA announced a new regulatory plan to focus on reducing nicotine levels in cigarettes, with the purpose of reducing cigarette addiction....
Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s CEO Niels Frederiksen

Lighting the Way: Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s CEO Niels Frederiksen, Part 2

In the first part of an exclusive interview, Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) CEO Niels Frederiksen discussed how his company has built popular tobacco brands...
Power of Disconnecting

The Power of Disconnecting

Want to be a better entrepreneur? Then you need to disconnect. It may sound strange–especially coming from a publication like Tobacco Business where hustle...
Tips for Creating a Loyal Customer Base

5 Tips for Earning a Customer’s Loyalty for Your Tobacco Business

For many tobacco businesses, nothing is more valuable than a loyal customer. Loyal customers can act as ambassadors for your brand, helping to bring...
flavor tobacco bans

California Tobacco Flavor Bans

In the past several months, a growing number of California cities and counties have considered local ordinances that would ban the retail sale of...
Tobacco Business Awards Cigar of the Year 2019

Tobacco Business Announces 2019 Cigar of the Year Nominees

Tobacco Business Magazine, a publication of Tobacco Media Group (TMG), is excited to announce the 2019 nominees for Cigar of the Year. As part...
Don Borres

A Tribute to Donald John Bores

I first met Don Bores in 1998 in a hotel conference room in Pennsylvania, where he had summoned a handful of people to hear...
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