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Mark Ryan of Daughters & Ryan Handling Perique Tobacco

Perique: A Resurrection Story

The spring of 2005 seemed to be the end of St. James Perique for pipe tobacco blends. The owners of L.A. Poche in St....
Mike Edwards, Airreys Cigars

The Advantage of a Disadvantage: Mike Edwards and Airreys Cigars

Mike Edwards is a professional athlete and serious entrepreneur. Born in Manchester, England, and raised in Florida, Edwards launched his own lifestyle brand centered...
Why Tobacco Businesses Need to Hire Professional PR Help

Why Your Tobacco Business Needs Professional PR Help

Good PR is crucial to the success of any business, but especially for those with products that are heavily regulated or face societal judgment...
Indiana Ortez

The Apprentice: Indiana Ortez’s Rise in the Industry

The perseverance and passion Indiana Ortez saw in her father when she was a child piqued her curiosity about tobacco. The Ortez family’s roots...
Bo from MMS Distribution

Bringing Up Bo

In the vapor world, delivering a better vaping experience has long been viewed as the only way the industry will succeed at convincing smokers...
Tobacco 21 is a Catch 21

Tobacco 21 is a Catch-22

A Catch-22 is a problematic situation caused by mutually conflicting or seemingly contradictory conditions. Considering raising the legal age to purchase tobacco products is...
Vapor Market Trends 2018

Vapor By the Numbers

When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opted to include vapor products in with the rest of tobacco products it would be regulating...
Jonathan Drew, Tobacco Plus Expo

Tobacco Plus Expo 2019 Preview

Serious business, and serious fun—that’s the unofficial theme of the 2019 Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE). The show has long been known as the annual...
Dr. Al Micallef, Micallef Cigars

Going All In: Micallef Cigars’ Al Micallef, Part 2

Part 2 of Tobacco Business' March/April 2019 cover story featuring Micallef Cigars' Al Micallef. For part 1, click here. Growing the Brand Micallef Reserva Limitada Privada...
IPCPR 2017 Show Schedule

85th Annual IPCPR Convention & International Trade Show Schedule

Every year the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association holds a trade show and convention which is one of the largest gathering of...
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