Tobacco Business Reader Survey
Blinc Group

Blinc Group: Cultivating Cannabis Technology

Throughout the vapor industry’s ups and downs—fervently embraced by consumer fans, but vilified by the “anti” community and the traditional tobacco industry—the controversial product...
Hand Rolled: A Film About Cigars Filmmakers Jesse Mariut and Steve Gherebean

Storytellers: Behind the Scenes of Handrolled: A Film About Cigars

Jesse Mariut and Steve Gherebean are storytellers. They are also cigar enthusiasts, and the more they got into the hobby, the more they realized...
Jaime Flórez-Estrada

Uncovering Your Tobacco Brand’s Hidden Value

Jaime Flórez-Estrada, the vice president of marketing for Royal Agio USA, is a marketing professional with big goals for 2018. In June 2017, European...
Cornelius & Anthony Mistress and The Gent

A Tale of 2 Cigars: A Look at Cornelius & Anthony’s New Mistress and...

The Bailey family has been involved in the tobacco business since 1866. For almost 130 years, the family focused on growing tobacco on their...
New Views on Vapor

Vapor’s Updated Voice

The vapor category is still solid with tobacco retailers—but with some new twists. As competition heats up in the premium cigarette segment with heightened...
Avo Uvezian

The Measure of a Man: Remembering Avo Uvezian

Robert South, an English churchman known for his energetic preaching and Latin poetry, once wrote, “If there be any truer measure of a man...

Cannadips: A Snus-Inspired Solution

Late one night last year, Case Mandel was visiting his mother in Santa Cruz, California, when an old high school buddy, Cliff Sammet, called...

Clear The Air: A Look at LightningAir

For cigar lounges and other businesses that allow smoking, the quality of an establishment’s air is a topic that deserves some thought. While customers...
Nica Puro Festival 2018

Nicaragua’s Golden Age

The Nicaraguan cigar industry is doing better than ever, despite worldwide tobacco regulations, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) oversight of...
How to Thrive as a Tobacconist Today

How to Survive and Thrive as a Tobacconist Today

Why do some stores thrive while others struggle? While some factors, such as having a great location, are obvious, there are lots of more...
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