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Daniel Marshall and Al Pacino

Fortune’s Child: The Daniel Marshall Story

Instead of living a life guided by currents and trade winds, Daniel Marshall has spent the past 37 years of his life charting the...
Jaime Flórez-Estrada

Uncovering Your Tobacco Brand’s Hidden Value

Jaime Flórez-Estrada, the vice president of marketing for Royal Agio USA, is a marketing professional with big goals for 2018. In June 2017, European...
Federal Regulation Update

What You Need to Know About Federal Regulation

Below is a list of the top five federal level issues that concern both tobacco manufacturers and retailers. 1. Dr. Scott Gottlieb Appointed to Head...
Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Bar in Las Vegas

Rediscovering Vegas: Where to Smoke

TPE is one of the only trade shows where attendees will be able to experience the best of not one category of products but...
Procigar 2018

Celebrating Dominican Cigars: A Look Back at Procigar 2018

Procigar, the association of cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic, hosted its 11th Procigar Festival from Feb. 18-23. More than 800 people from around...
Nestor Miranda, Miami Cigar & Co.

Milestones: Miami Cigar’s Nestor Miranda

While the actual date of his 75th birthday was Feb. 14, 2018, Nestor Miranda and the company he founded with his wife Mariana are...
Hamlet Espinal | Davidoff Cigars

Exploring Cigar Country: Oettinger Davidoff and Gurkha Cigars

Tobacco Business Magazine recently spoke with several manufacturers to put together this special editorial feature on the Dominican Republic’s tobacco products. Here's a look...
David Garofalo | 2 Guys Smoke Shop | David vs. Goliath

Slaying Giants: 2 Guys Smoke Shop’s David Garofalo

In 2019, David Garofalo, the owner of 2 Guys Smoke Shop, which is based in Salem, New Hampshire, seems to be licensed to print...

Driven by Innovation: The Growing Demand for Vapor and E-Cigarettes

Alternatives to combustible cigarettes have been steadily gaining market share, and market observers expect that ascent to continue through the rest of 2018. “We...
Jim Clark, Straus Tobacconist

Keeper of the Flame: Straus Tobacconist’s Jim Clark

On Oct. 10, 2018, the Montgomery Inn Boathouse in Cincinnati, Ohio, hosted a very special event that honored Jim Clark, owner of...
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Karl Malone Barrel Aged by La Auroa

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