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U.S. Supreme Court Appointment Impact on Tobacco Merchants

The Impact of U.S. Supreme Court Appointments and Confirmations on Tobacco Merchants

The current news about appointments and confirmations to the United States Supreme Court may have a greater—and more favorable—impact on tobacco merchants than they...
Vapor Industry Outlook

Vapor Industry Outlook: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

There is a dichotic consistency in the vapor industry—there continues to be no shortage of good news/bad news ringing in both ears. Here are...
Cigar Industry vs. FDA

The Cigar Industry vs. the FDA

The cigar industry has been challenging onerous regulation in court and through congressional lobbying, but to what effect? Tobacco Business spoke with Henry Roemer...
Alec Bradley Cigars Founder Alan Rubin

Survival Game: Alec Bradley’s Alan Rubin Formula for Success

The opportunities that Alec Bradley Cigars enjoyed recently might never have appeared had it not been for founder Alan Rubin’s perseverance. Alec Bradley Cigars’...
Casa de Montecristo

Casa de Montecristo: Creating a Cigar Retail Presence

Retail is inherently risky, so why is a successful cigar brand looking to do a whole lot more of it? “Ultimately, we want to...
Jeff Borysiewicz's Florida Sun Grown Tobacco FSG

Purely For Passion: A Look at Jeff Borysiewicz’s Florida Sun Grown Tobacco

Jeff Borysiewicz has been proving doubters wrong throughout his entire professional career. In the late 1990s, Borysiewicz left his family’s successful auto repair business...

Cura: Competing in Cannabis

Now one of the biggest cannabis brands in America, Cura Cannabis began humbly and with what many would call “altruistic intentions.” Cameron Forni was...

Walgreens Pressured to Bail on Cigarettes

At press time, Deerfield, Illinois-based Walgreens was deep in the throes of a battle over whether a proposal for the chain to stop selling...
Micallef Cigars' Al Micallef: Going All In

Going All In: Micallef Cigars’ Al Micallef, Part 1

There are two types of gamblers in this world—those who trust in blind luck and bet their money on the roll of the dice...
Kevin Newman, Silverleaf Strategies

Mission: Objective – Using Data-Driven Insights to Build Brand Awareness

In 2013, Kevin Newman met Ram Rodriguez, a man who was part of a family that helped make premium cigars for different companies within...
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