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Matt Booth of Room101 for Tobacco Business Magazine | Ph: Stolen Images Photography

The Fighter: The Matt Booth & Room101 Story, Part 1

This is a story of resilience, tenacity and perseverance. It has all of the ingredients of a binge-worthy Netflix drama, but it’s not at...
Operation: Cigars for Warriors

Serving Those Who Serve Us

Probably the biggest aspect of what has made Operation: Cigars for Warriors (CFW) so successful over the years is the nonprofit organization’s volunteers. So...
Premium Cigars

The Long and Winding Road Toward Substantial Equivalence

The following article was written before the Aug. 19, 2020 court ruling delaying the Deeming Rule and Substantial Equivalence process as it applies to...
Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2020 | Sisters of the Leaf

Selling, Marketing and Promoting Tobacco Products to Women

Both the economic power and the number of women who enjoy premium cigars are growing steadily. Yet, many premium tobacco shops have largely been...
Tamboril on the Hudson: Martinez Hand-Rolled Cigars

Tamboril on the Hudson: Martinez Hand-Rolled Cigars Factory

Forty-six years ago, Antonio Martinez bought into the American dream. The former cigar roller from Tamboril, Dominican Republic, had immigrated to New York City...
Boss Cigars | Ann Strickland, Gabriel Hutcheson and Corinto “Cory” Talanca

The Value of Trying: Boss Cigars

Corinto “Cory” Talanca never considered himself a big fan of tobacco while he was growing up. He never smoked cigarettes; he never dipped, despite...
Davidoff Appointed Merchants | Left to right: Eliseo Gonzalez (Davidoff), Lana Fraser (Davidoff), Ben Christofferson (Maxamar), Beat Hauenstein (Davidoff), Andrew Considine (Maxamar) and Dylan Austin (Davidoff)

Davidoff’s Finest: A Look at Davidoff’s Appointed Merchants Program

Brick-and-mortar retailers are the backbone of the premium cigar industry, and for manufacturers like Davidoff, they are the company’s ambassadors and a connection to...
HF Barcelona

Upgrading the Lifestyle with HF Barcelona

Retailers and consumers are more interested in personal accessories today than ever before, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic and the focus on limiting...
Dustin Prudhomme | Cajun Cigar Czar

Opportunity Amid Crisis: Cajun Cigar Czar

Dustin Prudhomme, a Louisiana native, got his start in the tobacco industry like many others—working in retail. Three years ago, Prudhomme worked part time...
Operation: Cigars for Warriors Fulfilling the Mission During the Pandemic

Cigars for Warriors: Fulfilling the Mission During the Pandemic

Every day, I get asked how the COVID-19 virus is affecting the nonprofit organization Operation: Cigars for Warriors (CFW). Like you, CFW has also...
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