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Oliva Cigar Co.

Oliva Cigars: A Family Passion

His grandfather started growing tobacco in 1886, suspending his operation 13 years later to fight for Cuba’s independence in the Spanish-American War. His father...
Pipe Smoking Techniques

Ask the Tobacconist: Pipe Smoking Techniques

Our new series "Ask the Tobacconist" is devoted to answering questions from our readers and from their customers as submitted by the retailer. It...
Building a Great Online Reputation

Building a Great Online Reputation

It used to be that a retailer built a solid reputation with quality merchandise, friendly service and a charming smile. Today’s world is more...
The Chalenges of Hiring the Right Employees

The Challenges of Hiring the Right Employee

It’s been said that the dynamics between folks across the cigar industry are more like family than business. For many tobacconists, hiring employees isn’t...
Bayou Tobacco | Tobacconist Magazine

Bayou Tobacco

In her wildest imagination, Sarah McCauley never dreamed of owning a premium tobacco store, but sometimes opportunities that might seem out of reach are...
Foundation Cigar Company | Tobacconist Magazine

Firm Foundation

“Tobacco is like a baby. Gotta keep it warm. Keep it sheltered … all the time care. All the time work … and in...
It’s Wise to Accessorize

It’s Wise to Accessorize

We all agree; cigars sell. That’s why we’re in this crazy business. We love cigars. We love selling them. We love buying them, and of course we love...
Cornelius & Anthony | Tobacconist Magazine

Perseverance Pays: Cornelius & Anthony

Though Cornelius & Anthony might only be two years old, the fledgling premium cigar company can trace its lineage in the tobacco world to...
Straus Tobacconist | Jim Clark | Tobacconist Magazine

Fostering a Legacy: Straus Tobacconist

As the owner of the nation’s third-oldest continuously operating tobacco specialty store, Straus Tobacconist, Jim Clark shoulders a heavy load. He faces not only...
Tobacco: The Best Gift You Can Give

Tobacco: The Best Gift You Can Give

Yes, despite all the negative publicity and virulent anti-smoking campaigns, tobacco products remain the best possible gift for smokers. The premise for this position...
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