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Swisher Sweets BLK Wine and Sticky Sweets

Swisher International Introduces New Tobacco Products for 2019

Swisher International, the maker of Swisher Sweets, have several new products that are debuting in 2019. Swisher's BLK Wine Tip Cigarillos will give adult smokers...
Inter-Continental Acquires Roxwell Brands

Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc. Acquires Roxwell Brands

Inter-Continental Trading USA, Inc. (ICT), the manufacturer of the OHM, 752, Shargio and Kashmir brands, has announced that it has acquired several ROMAR Int'l...
Imperial Brands Cutting OTP From its Business

Imperial Brands Cutting OTP From its Business

In 2017, Imperial Brands acquired several established brands including Salem, KOOL, Winston and blu as a result of a merger between Lorillard, Inc. and...
Makla Smokeless Tobacco

Makla Takes on America

Makla, a smokeless tobacco product manufactured by Sifaco, is a blend of chopped Russian tobacco leaves mixed with texture agents like water, food-grade oil...
Republic Tobacco

Republic Tobacco: Devoted to Quality and Value

Surprisingly, Republic Tobacco, wholesaler and distributor of top brands in the RYO/MYO category, started out as a small retail store located on the north...
Swisher Sweets Boozy Mango

Swisher International Releases Swisher Sweets Boozy Mango

Swisher International has announced the release of its new Swisher Sweets Boozy Mango. This limited edition cigarillo is a blend of mango and tropical...
Ohserase Justin, Eli and Brandon Tarbell

Ohserase Manufacturing: New Beginnings

For more than 400 years, tobacco has played a key role in the Iroquois and Mohawk Native American cultures. In the past, tobacco served...
Shargio Patel Inter-Continental Trading Company

Inter-Continental Trading USA: Investing in Growth

Inter-Continental Trading was among the many manufacturers who enjoyed a banner year at the 2017 Tobacco Plus Expo in January, where founder and president...
Cheyenne Cigars

Cheyenne Cigars: A Partnership Approach

A few years ago, when Cheyenne Tobacco decided to extend its line of filtered cigars, the company opted to take a novel approach. Rather...
Philip Morris iQOS Heat Not Burn

FDA Begins Review of Philip Morris International’s Heat-Not-Burn Product

Philip Morris International’s (PMI) heat-not-burn product, known as IQOS, is now under review of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This comes after PMI...
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