Swisher International Introduces New Tobacco Products for 2019

Swisher Sweets BLK Wine and Sticky Sweets

Swisher International, the maker of Swisher Sweets, have several new products that are debuting in 2019.

Swisher’s BLK Wine Tip Cigarillos will give adult smokers a taste and aroma of wine. This cigarillo is a fusion of hand-selected, air- and fire-cured tobaccos that combine to create a unique smoking experience. These cigarillos are available nationwide and come in two for 99 cents, save on two and two for $1.49 selling options. There is also a single-sale option available for impulse displays.

Swisher is also expanding its mini cigarillo line with the addition of Sticky Sweets and Green Sweets. Stick Sweets feature a refreshing blend of caramel and peach, while Swisher Green Sweets were created using a naturally mild candela leaf that gives the cigarillo a slow burn, pleasant aroma and distinctive green color. These new mini cigarillos have the same taste and freshness of Swisher Sweets’ regular cigarillos, but come in smaller packages that make them the perfect choice for the consumer who is on the go and needs a quick smoke.

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