Republic Tobacco Pursues Counterfeiters in Court

Republic Tobacco

Republic Tobacco, the maker of OCB, JOB and E-Z Wider, continues its efforts to protect its brands and customers from counterfeit products. The company has filed numerous civil lawsuits to combat the spread of fake goods that imitate its various brands and products.

“Our strong stance on counterfeiters comes from an abundance of respect and care for our loyal customers,” commented Don Levin, CEO of Republic, in a press release. “The retailers and consumers that buy these counterfeit products are largely overlooking the dangers presented by unverified products. Being tough on counterfeiters is more than just an effort to protect our brands’ reputations, it is vital to also protect consumers from the substandard components often used in counterfeits.”

There have been several court-issued substantial judgements against offending counterfeiting companies and the individuals who run them due to Republic’s efforts. Some of those actions taken in 2021 include:

In February, the federal court sentenced Irfanali and Shiba Momin to 18 months in prison, revoked their U.S. citizenship, and ordered the Momins to surrender their passports. This followed the 2020 criminal investigation and prosecution of the Momins in which they pled guilty for selling counterfeit Republic products and other illegal goods.