Jas Sum Kral Debuting JSK Fronto at TPE 2020

Jas Sum Kral Debuting JSK Fronto at TPE 2020

Jas Sum Kral Debuting JSK Fronto at TPE 2020Jas Sum Kral has announced a new release that will make its debut at the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE)–JSK Fronto.

The JSK is not a premium cigar product but instead takes the boutique tobacco company into a new market. Called JSK Fronto, Fronto leaf, sometimes called grabba or fanta leaf, is a tobacco wrapper leaf sold by the individual leaf or by the pound. Front tobacco leaf is commonly used in the roll-your-own market.

The first pack of JSK Fronto will feature a hand-selected dark, thick, flavorful Mexican San Anny leaf. Jas Sum Kral founder Riste Ristevski described JSK Fronto as “rich, smooth, flavorful with a great body which wont leave you with the heavy nicotine feeling. The thicker leaf offers a better handling experience.”

JSK Fronto will sell for $4.99 per pack. Those interested in this release can reach out to Ristevski at ristebuc@jassumkral.com.

TPE 2020 trade show in Las Vegas, Jan. 29-31, 2020. For all the latest news from Jas Sum Kral, visit jassumkral.com.