An Update on 23 State Tobacco Legislative Bills


The following article was contributed by the National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO):

New State Legislative Bill Introductions
The following state tobacco-related legislative bills were introduced in the past week. They are listed below alphabetically by state:

Arizona: House Bill 2630 makes alternative nicotine products, including vapor products, subject to existing regulations of traditional products, requires tobacco retailers to obtain a permit from the Department of Revenue, and preempts local regulation of tobacco products. House Bill 2747 requires tobacco and e-cigarette retailers to obtain a license from the state Department of Health services, sets penalties, and permits local jurisdictions to license tobacco sales.

Georgia: House Bill 191 increases the cigarette tax to $0.57 per pack (currently $0.37). House Bill 192 increases the tax on vapor products to 15 percent of the wholesale price. Eliminates the separate tax structure for open system and closed system products.

Illinois: Senate Bill 2036 amends the Tobacco Products Tax Act to cap the tax on cigars at 50 cents per cigar.

Missouri: House Bill 1039 establishes that the state preempts the field of regulating the sale of tobacco products, alternative nicotine products and vapor products; supersedes local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. House Bill 1024 (same as SB355) prohibits the sale or distribution of certain lighters.

New York: Senate Bill 78 amends tax law to tax cigars and premium cigars at 75 percent of the wholesale price or $0.50, whichever is less. Assembly Bill 3376 (same as S4413) amends tax law to tax premium cigars at 75 percent of the wholesale price or $0.50, whichever is less. Assembly Bill 3404 relates to the sale, manufacture and distribution of vapor products, requires distributors and manufacturers of vapor products to obtain permits and creates a vapor product directory. Assembly Bill 3520 (same as SB 3356) requires liquid nicotine and electronic cigarettes to be sold in age 21 restricted locations. Assembly Bill 3907 (same as S2441) prohibits the of flavored tobacco products and accessories (includes menthol, mint and wintergreen).

Ohio: Reportedly, Governor DeWine has included a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products (including menthol, mint and wintergreen) in his Executive Budget.

Tennessee: Senate Bill 1522 (same as HB1438) increases the cigarette tax from 3.0 cents to 8.35 cents per cigarette and increases the OTP tax from 6.6 percent to 17 percent of wholesale.

Texas: House Bill 2118 prohibits the advertising of electronic cigarettes within 1,000 feet of a church or school. The state already has the 1,000-foot distance restriction on cigarettes and tobacco products. This bill adds electronic cigarettes to the existing distance restriction.