Davidoff Cigars Presents Its New Limited Masterpiece Humidor Damajagua Edition

Davidoff Cigars continues its collaboration with artists around the world with a new spectacular humidor

Davidoff Cigars Damajagua Masterpiece Humidor

Davidoff Cigars Damajagua Masterpiece HumidorDavidoff Cigars has revealed its new limited Masterpiece Humidor Damajagua Edition, crafted by French marquetry artist Rose Saneuil. This new humidor was designed as an ode to Davidoff’s Caribbean terroir and follows the company’s previous humidor, Cave de Paille, created by Paris-based artist Lison de Caunes.

Davidoff has been cultivating filler tobacco in Damajagua, an area in the north west area of the Dominican Republic, since 2002. The humid climate and perfectly PH-balanced soil of the area cause the tobacco leaves to become red while being cured and to have a sweet aftertaste. Due to being exposed to less sunshine, the leaves are very thin and of medium strength, creating sweet and creamy tobacco. Artist Saneuil was inspired by Damajagua’s forests, rivers and its abundance of flora and fauna when creating this new humdior for Davidoff.

Davidoff Cigars Damajagua“We are thrilled to partner with an exceptional French marquetry artisan, Rose Saneuil, to develop this unique Damajagua Humidor Masterpiece,” said Charles Awad, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Dav Rose Saneuil has been greatly inspired by Davidoff’s Caribbean heritage, the magical forest Damajagua and our skill at nurturing fragile tobacco plants to transform them into exceptional cigars. Her masterpieces are breathtaking as the artist mixed 25 selected materials to create them, using tobacco leaves picked from Damajagua, for the very first time in marquetry.”