Tobacco Plus Expo 2020
Swisher Sweets Boozy Mango

Swisher International Releases Swisher Sweets Boozy Mango

Swisher International has announced the release of its new Swisher Sweets Boozy Mango. This limited edition cigarillo is a blend of mango and tropical...
Phil Morgan, General Manager of Missouri Meerschaum

Missouri Meerschaum: Packed Full of Insight

Missouri Meerschaum Co. has been in business for 148 years doing one thing: making corncob pipes. The company was the first—and is one of...
NATO NNN Smokeless Tobacco

NNN: The FDA’s Proposed Rule for Smokeless Tobacco

Earlier this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a proposed rule to establish the agency’s first product standard that would limit...
Ohserase Justin, Eli and Brandon Tarbell

Ohserase Manufacturing: New Beginnings

For more than 400 years, tobacco has played a key role in the Iroquois and Mohawk Native American cultures. In the past, tobacco served...
Cigar Rights of America Creates Outreach Tool for Senate

Cigar Rights of America Launches New Senator Outreach Tool

Are you a cigar enthusiasts who wants Congress to pass cigar-friendly legislation that will spare premium cigars from regulation under the U.S. Food and...
FDA issues guidance for small cigar packaging

FDA Issues Updated Guidance for Small Cigar Warning Labels

As Tobacco Business has reported in the past, part of the new regulations imposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is that...
Undercrown Belicoso Tabak Especial Stolen from Drew Estate

Drew Estate Suffers Theft of Cigars in Miami

Drew Estate is reporting that on Aug. 8, 2017, a truck containing a full load of Drew Estate premium handmade cigars was stolen in...
El Artista Cigars

El Artista to Expand into European Market

After finding success in the U.S., El Artista Cigars has revealed plans to expand its brand and products into the European market. El Artista...
Mark Pursell IPCPR

Mark Pursell Steps Down as CEO of IPCPR

Effective Oct. 15, 2017, the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) will be without a CEO. Today the trade association announced the...
IPCPR 2017 Insights

Insights from IPCPR 2017

Spirits were cautiously high at July’s annual gathering of cigar and pipe industry members. Keynote speaker Rudy Giuliani echoed the sentiments expressed by many...
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