David Lafferty Joins Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

David Lafferty Joins Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

David Lafferty has been named the new vice president of sales at Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (DTT).

Lafferty is a tobacco industry veteran, having spent eleven years at Drew Estate and most recently the executive director of Nat Sherman International’s premium cigar division. He is scheduled to begin his new position at Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust on March 1, 2019.

“Dave has a tremendous wealth of hands on experience working with retailers spanning from the smallest brick and mortar shops to the very largest of accounts in the US market,” states Steve Saka, founder and co-owner of DTT. He continues, “I have no doubt he is going to prove to be tremendous addition to our team, but not solely because of his sales and management experience, but because of who he is as a person. Dave is hard working, down to earth, forthright and just an honest to goodness great guy. He is a rare breed in our business and Cindy and I could not be more pleased in our welcoming him to be an integral part of our small family business. I honestly cannot think of a single person that would be better suited for this position.”

Lafferty added: “I started my career working with Steve in 2007 and I am very excited to be back working with him again. I have witnessed Steve’s creative genius, skills as a master blender of the very best cigars and unbridled passion first hand. He is known to be tough and difficult at times, but it is always with the goal of producing exceptional cigars.” He adds, “I want to thank Steve and Cindy for this incredible and exciting opportunity. I believe the future for all of us together is very bright.”

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