Quesada Cigars to Debut Quesada 1974 at Procigar 2019

Quesada Cigars to Debut New Quesada 1974 at Procigar 2019

Quesada 1974 to Debut at Procigar 2019In celebration of this year’s Procigar Festival, Quesada Cigars has announced the upcoming released of the Quesada 1974 cigar. This cigar represents Quesada’s strong traditions, fresh take on innovation and continuing history.

It was in 1974 when the Quesada family emerged as a cigar manufacturers after having spent many years in the tobacco industry as leaf brokers. This new cigar commemorates the year cigars became a major part of Quesada’s business and heritage. The new Quesada 1974 cigar is the result of a collective collaboration to establish Quesada has a modern brand. Quesada’s team has come together to create a complex smoke that’s full of flavor and aroma, giving the typical Quesada customer a unique smoking experience.

“This project truly embodies, in my opinion, our heritage and history. A cigar and a presentation that will speak for itself. I hope many of the cigar enthusiasts enjoy it as much as I do,” says Manuel Quesada, president of Quesada Cigars.