Swedish Match Rebrands its Red Man Chewing Tobacco Brand

Swedish Match Rebrands its Red Man Chewing Tobacco Brand

Red Man, the well-known chewing tobacco brand manufactured by Swedish Match, has a new name. In a press release, Swedish Match announced that going forward, Red Man will be known as America’s Best Chew. The name change comes as part of the product’s 135th anniversary and reflects the success of the brand’s leading status within the category. It also re-aligns the brand to fit with Swedish Match’s current company values.

The new name was taken from the product’s long-running tagline and the packaging will reflect not just the rebrand but the product within. Swedish Match says that consumers can expect the same high-quality chewing tobacco that has been enjoyed by generations, right down to the unmistakable aroma, texture and flavor.

“Understanding that an essential part of being America’s best means being a leader, Swedish Match worked diligently over the past several months to make changes in response to our heightened awareness and our desire to be more inclusive,” said Joe Ackerman, vice president of marketing. “Consumers and diverse agency partners were selected to participate in the rebranding research. It was critical and valuable for us to gain these insights and recommendations to develop America’s Best Chew packaging.”

“I applaud the Swedish Match company for retiring the use of “Red Man” as a product name,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr. “Nationally, we are moving away from the use of derogatory terms and depictions of Native Americans as product mascots because representations are stereotypical caricatures, and they do not honor us or reflect how we live and thrive, both as individuals and as unique Tribal Nations today. The announcement to change the brand’s name and imagery gives us hope that more companies, schools and sports teams hear us, and that we will continue to make impactful national changes for the betterment of Indian Country.”