Lighting the Way: Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s CEO Niels Frederiksen, Part 2

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s CEO Niels Frederiksen

    In the first part of an exclusive interview, Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) CEO Niels Frederiksen discussed how his company has built popular tobacco brands like Macanudo, CAO, Borkum Riff, Captain Black and well-over 200 others across several categories [read more here]. Now Frederiksen reveals how STG will continue to innovate and grow in today’s regulatory environment–even without the help of “new” products.

    Beyond New Cigars
    Now that FDA regulation has made new cigar launches more difficult, cigar companies are seeking other ways to answer the “What’s new?” question that many consumers first ask when they enter their favorite cigar shop. General Cigar Company, and STG as a whole, are responding to that challenge with creative approaches to engaging with both retailers and consumers, says Frederiksen, activating new strategies to continue to energize the cigar industry.

    “Regulation has driven the need for increased connectivity with consumers and has made creativity and innovation important pillars of success,” he remarks. “In a category driven by personal interactions, our brand ambassadors are forging long-lasting ties with retailers and consumers, and our brands are growing as a result. Our brand teams are flexing their marketing muscles to deliver innovative packaging formats and exciting merchandising initiatives to support the retail community, all in a manner which complies with applicable regulations. We are also focused on evaluating our processes and inventories to drive efficiencies throughout the company, which frees up resources needed to drive excitement in the category.”

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s CEO Niels Frederiksen

    In other words, STG’s brand ambassadors are visiting more shops and spending more time with the retailers and their staffs to educate them about premium cigars, thus adding value to not only STG’s brands but also to the entire industry by enhancing consumer experiences. STG’s sales team is also empowered to work with each retailer on an individual basis to maximize his or her bottom line. There is also the company’s Five Star program in which STG provides retailers with margin enhancement on core brands and provides a full calendar of promotional programs, including merchandising and point-of-sale materials to increase consumer awareness. The company also has a dedicated team of brand ambassadors to host in-store and out-of-store events.