R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company to Release Dissolvable VELO Nicotine Lozenges

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company to Release Dissolvable VELO Nicotine Lozenges

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, part of Reynolds American, Inc. and British American Tobacco Group, is announcing the national expansion of VELO nicotine pouches with the upcoming release of VELO dissolvable nicotine lozenges.

VELO is an oral nicotine brand with global recognition. VELO manufactures disposable nicotine pouches in varying strengths and flavors. VELO nicotine products are tobacco leaf-free, hassle-free, and mess-free products, allowing adult nicotine consumers to conveniently enjoy them during any occasion. VELO’s products in the U.S. are designed to provide adult tobacco consumers with innovative alternatives to traditional combustible and smokeless tobacco. The new VELO nicotine lozenges are yet another move by Reynolds American to offer adult nicotine consumers a convenient, simple product to use for their desire for nicotine.

“We are pleased to expand the VELO product portfolio to better provide adult nicotine consumers with a range of sensorial, modern oral nicotine options,” said Shay Mustafa, senior Vice President of modern oral at R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company. “Bringing VELO nicotine lozenges to our portfolio reiterates our commitment to empower consumer choice and to provide adult nicotine consumers with products that fit modern lifestyles.”

Currently, VELO dissolvable nicotine lozenges are available at select retailers in Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. This product is also available online at velo.com.

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