Procigar 2020: A Celebration of Dominican Cigars and Culture

    Procigar 2020 | A Preview

    Procigar 2020 | A PreviewImagine walking through the factory where La Flor Dominicana’s cigars are made and having Litto Gomez as your host. Or learning about the way different tobaccos are blended together to make the perfect cigar in Davidoff’s tobacco fields, with Hendrik “Henke” Kelner and his son, Klaas, leading the way. Or being able to ask Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, the maker of last year’s top-rated cigar by Cigar Aficionado magazine, that burning question you’ve always had about cigars and how they’re made. These scenarios may seem like a dream or fantasy for most cigar smokers, but they can be your reality if you attend the upcoming

    Procigar Festival, which will be held Feb. 16-21, 2020, in the Dominican Republic.
    Smoking a cigar is one thing, but seeing how that cigar is made is a life-changing experience that few can say they’ve had. The Dominican Republic is home to some of the top premium cigar manufacturers in the world, and each year these manufacturers open the doors of their factories and tobacco fields to cigar smokers from around the world.

    Unlike the typical factory tours that manufacturers host in the first quarter of the year, Procigar is open to all—retailers, distributors, wholesalers, other manufacturers and even consumers. For one week, cigar smokers converge on the Dominican Republic for what can only be described as the dream vacation and trip for the die-hard cigar smoker. Each day offers an opportunity to not only learn and experience firsthand how cigars are actually made but also offers the chance to mingle and network with some of the industry’s biggest personalities and icons at dinners and parties that take place each evening of the event.

    Procigar 2020 | A Preview