How to Grow Your Tobacco Business with Clubhouse

    Clubhouse is the new audio-based social media platform that everyone is talking about. Learn how to leverage Clubhouse’s best features to give your tobacco business a boost.

    How to Grow Your Business with Clubhouse

    There’s a new social media platform that businesses and consumers are clamoring to get involved with: Clubhouse. This invite-only platform banks on FOMO (fear of missing out) to grow its following, and its unique features set it apart from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, three of the most popular social media platforms—each of which have attempted to launch new features in recent months to capture some of Clubhouse’s audience.
    Clubhouse is strictly audio-based, and users can start or take part in chat rooms built around any topic they want. This has turned Clubhouse into a hybrid of podcast and LinkedIn where entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities alike are all creating mini lectures and discussion panels during which they dish out advice and offer tips and information on a wide array of topics. For tobacco industry professionals, Clubhouse is providing businesses and professionals with a new way to connect with new customers and to build a loyal audience with nothing more than spoken words.

    Amy Tejada, a tobacconist and the co-host of “The Lounge Experience” (TLE) podcast has been actively taking part in Clubhouse for months. When she and her co-host first found out about Clubhouse, they were instantly intrigued.

    “We explored the platform and felt like we were part of an interactive podcast,” Tejada says. “Clubhouse takes the best part of other platforms, such as Zoom, Instagram and Facebook, and gives them much more structure. That being said, we felt this was a great opportunity to be able to bring “The Lounge Experience” podcast to another level of interaction. As we interacted in different rooms, Clubhouse’s culture of allowing individuals to easily promote and expose their businesses felt like the perfect way to evolve much faster than the word-of-mouth marketing technique. Also, the fact that Clubhouse made it super simple to link to your other social media platforms on your profile made it very simple for other entrepreneurs to follow our business with a simple click or tap.”