How to Grow Your Tobacco Business with Clubhouse

    Clubhouse is the new audio-based social media platform that everyone is talking about. Learn how to leverage Clubhouse’s best features to give your tobacco business a boost.


    By actively taking part in Clubhouse and tapping into the different discussions taking place in various user-generated rooms, Tejada has discovered new professionals and entrepreneurs that have expressed an interest in learning more about her podcast. This is the great potential that Clubhouse has to offer tobacco businesses, which are constantly in search of new customers and connections across different business categories. Just by being an active Clubhouse user, you’re bound to make new connections through networking that can later be converted into new opportunities in different industries.
    Tejada offers the following three tips for ways that tobacco business owners and other professionals can go from Clubhouse newbie to Clubhouse pro in no time:

    • Keep your profile simple but clear. Your profile should be focused on your business and what your interests are. This will allow other followers and/or individuals to be able to learn right away if you are someone that will bring value and interest to their business or help them achieve their goal.
    • Be an active participant. When being part of a Clubhouse room, you need to interact, but most importantly, you need to get others in the room involved in the conversation. Your goal should be to learn about and highlight other users’ interests. You never know who you might be able to connect with in a Clubhouse room! People never forget the connections that are created.
    • Build a room for everyone. As with any social media platform, you should build a platform that is inclusive, fun and respectful. People will always be attracted to a space where everyone is listened to and appreciated. No matter who it is and what they do, the more inclusive you are, the more everyone will be willing to participate and be part of it.

    If you are invited to be part of Clubhouse, go all in and reap the benefits. Be willing to offer other users insight into your business, its brands and your professional expertise—this is one exclusive club that it pays to be part of.

    This story first appeared in the September/October 2021 issue of Tobacco Business magazine. Members of the tobacco industry are eligible for a complimentary subscription to our magazine. Click here for details.

    Amy Tejada is a tobacconist and co-host of “The Lounge Experience” (TLE), a podcast that is available on Apple Podcasts and other podcasting platforms.