Giving Your Tobacco Brand a Public Relations Refresh

    Giving Your Tobacco Brand a Public Relations Refresh

    Like many companies, the coronavirus has affected, if not changed, your business entirely. Marketing strategies have had to change, right on the heels of changes with company processes (and budgets). The word “pivot” has been used numerous times, ultimately referring to companies shifting direction due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    These points will ultimately help position your company and brand. If your cigar company does not have an in-house team of marketing professionals or an agency helping with your marketing and communications efforts, these are some particularly important things to consider. Fair warning: Do not take a do-it-yourself approach to marketing and public relations if they are not your main profession.

    As experts with knowledge of the cigar industry and a true passion for its products and the businesses that work within it, here are some things to consider and advice to get more eyes on you and your brands.

    Communication is key! With all the changes going on in our world and businesses, it is important to connect using e-marketing, social media and any other opportunity to reassure your clients and customers of your brand and what you are offering. You need to have a clear idea of who your brand is talking to and the right messaging to position your brand. Using your company’s voice through powerful tools like public relations, you can introduce—or reintroduce—your products or services in a multitude of ways. From press releases, articles and interviews to partnerships and collaborations with media, this tool can elevate your brand exponentially. Working with those who have relationships in the industry can move mountains.

    Be Creative
    As much as it’s great to be straightforward about who you are and what products or services you offer, you must have a message, a brand voice and proper representation of your brand. Every brand has a “personality.” This comes through visually through all of your communication. All of your creative—advertising included—should be cohesive. Many companies work with agencies or freelance professionals, and others “have a kid studying marketing in school” or have someone “who knows Photoshop.” Leave the way your brand is being communicated to those who are experts in their field. After all, this is your brand. If you do collaborate with an outside agency, choose one that understands the tobacco industry, your brand, its history, your direction and your goals.