Giving Your Tobacco Brand a Public Relations Refresh


    Boost Social Media
    Prior to the pandemic, it was a known fact that social media was the most powerful tool in your marketing mix. As a result of the effects of COVID-19 on the marketplace, a plethora of companies and their efforts went virtual. With so many still working remotely and people embracing the “virtual era,” social media has become even more important. But one thing to remember is that just because everyone has access to social media does not mean you are using it correctly. You can hurt your brand by using this medium without proper knowledge. There is a formula. Trust us.

    Strengthen Relationships Online and Off
    People are doing all they can online, from business communication to shopping as well as staying in contact with friends and family. Make sure that if you do see customers and clients you are truly making time to listen to them. If you are selling in person, visit your customers just so they can see you, as it’s likely been a minute. Online, make sure you are paying attention and answering inquiries and reviews in a timely, friendly and professional manner. Use this opportunity to remind them how you appreciate their support as well as their trust in you and your brand or retail shop. Nowadays, people have also gone back to the old ways of doing things. Phone calls versus texting and emailing (when you can) go a long way.

    Focus on Your Online Presence
    Now is the time to launch, enhance or fully update your website. Make sure people can find you easily when searching on the web. Pay attention to industry websites where you are featured or included, and make sure you keep up with any review sites. You want to be well-represented in cyberspace and use it to your advantage to move your customers and sales for your retail store or brand(s).

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    Contributed by Gabriel Pineres and Liza Santana, principals at Creativas Group Public Relations, Branding & Events, a leading full-service multicultural communications and public relations firm based in Miami, Florida. Creativas Group has been providing marketing and public relations services to tobacco industry clients for over a decade. Follow us on social media @creativasgrouppr on Instagram and Creativas Group on Facebook.