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cannadips, case mandel

TPE 2018 Exhibitor Spotlight: Cannadips’ Case Mandel

Tobacco Business: What product(s) will you be featuring at TPE 2018? What differentiates them in the market? Case Mandel: We are featuring our new line,...
Ohserase Manufacturing Dean's Cigars

TPE Exhibitor Spotlight: Ohserase Manufacturing’s Justin Tarbell

Ohserase Manufacturing plans to ring in the new year with the debut of new packaging for Dean’s Cigars. At this year’s Tobacco Plus Expo...
Cornelius & Anthony Tobacco Plus Expo 2018

TPE Exhibitor Spotlight: Cornelius & Anthony’s Courtney Smith

What product(s) will you be featuring at TPE 2018? What differentiates those products in the market? Courtney Smith: We will be featuring all of our...
Beerhaus in Las Vegas

Rediscovering Vegas: The Food

Many venture to the notorious Strip in search of the best dining options, but going off the beaten path will lead you to some...
TPE Exhibitor Spotlight Solace Technologies

TPE 2018 Exhibitor Spotlight: Solace Technologies’ Luis Velazquez

What product(s) will you be featuring at Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2018? What differentiates those products in the market? For TPE 2018, we are excited...
SLS Las Vegas

Rediscovering Vegas: SLS Las Vegas

Where you stay in Vegas can easily make or break your trip. This year, TPE’s host hotel matches the vibrant and hip spirit of...
TPE 2018 Countdown

Countdown to TPE 2018: Don’t Miss Out!

A must-attend event of the year, on Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2018, Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2018 is bringing together the industry’s best of the...
TPE 2018

TPE 2018: What Is It, What’s New and Why You Need to Attend

The Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE), presented by Tobacco Business Magazine, is one of the world's largest trade show showcasing the full spectrum of tobacco,...
TPE and Tobacco Business

NATO and TPE: Together Again

In business, there aren’t too many opportunities to get everything you need all in one place. Need an efficient way to find out everything...
TPE Show Trade Show Tips

Making the Most of a Trade Show

For retailers, the benefits of trade show attendance can be huge. You’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds existing and potential suppliers, experience innovative...
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