7 Upsell Jumpstarters for Tobacconists

    7 Upsell Jumpstarters for Tobacconists

    Upselling is a sales tactic tobacconists can use to introduce customers to new cigars or a product they didn’t know they wanted. Upselling can be used to help customers discover new products and services that your store has to offer and help them get more enjoyment from their intended purpose. Here are some questions you can ask your customers to encourage that bonus buy:

    1. “Have you seen this yet?”
    2. “Have you tried this new cigar?”
    3. “Do you need a cutter with that?”
    4. “Would you like a humidification pouch?”

    Want to suggest a new product to a regular customer? Tobacconist University’s Jorge Armenteros recommends saying the following statements:

    5. “If you like that cigar, then you will love this one.”
    6. “I know you love that cigar, but I think this one will be a great follow-up to it.”
    7. “This just came in, and all of the customers are going crazy for it.”