Zev Zaminetsky Joins Royal Agio Cigars USA

Zev Zaminetsky Joins Royal Agio Cigars USA

Royal Agio Cigars USA has a new national sales director–Zev Zaminetsky. Zaminetsky has over a decade of experience with cigar sales management and has previously worked with several leading premium cigar manufacturers including Camacho Cigars and Drew Estate. While working at both companies he represented Royal Agio and its portfolio of premium cigar products.

In his new role as national sales manager, Zaminetsky will be responsible for expanding Royal Agio USA’s distribution, in-store presence and the sales for brands including Balmoral Anejo XO within the premium cigar brick & mortar channel.

“As we continue to build the appropriate infrastructure that best positions the company to grow in a mutually beneficial way with our trade partners for the long-term, Zev will play a leading role in developing our go-to-market sales strategies, trade programs and retail promotion initiatives for the premium cigar channel”, commented George Margioukla, president of Royal Agio Cigars USA. “Zev brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge, leadership experience and accomplishments that will help accelerate momentum for Royal Agio in the U.S. market. We’re excited to have Zev formally join the Royal Agio family after helping support our brands for so many years, and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationships with our highly valued customers.”

Zaminetsky added: “I was looking for an opportunity that would be a strong fit for me, from both a company culture and career development perspective. Royal Agio is that perfect fit. Not only is it a great opportunity to be part of a world-renowned organization with a long-standing history in premium craft cigars, but my experience with the Royal Agio team throughout my career has always been extremely positive, exciting and rewarding. I jumped at the chance to work in an entrepreneurial environment and help contribute to building something special from the ground up, behind the support of an established global cigar company that has a deep, long-term commitment to the U.S. market. I want to thank everyone at Royal Agio for this amazing opportunity and I look forward to reconnecting with all of my friends, retailers and consumers in the industry.”

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