Camacho Coyolar Returns

Camacho Coyolar

Camacho Coyolar is making a return to the marketplace, Camacho Cigars announced in a recent press release.

Camacho Coyolar is a spicy and flavorful smoke that incorporates “Single Farm Vintage” Criollo tobaccos grown in volcanic soils in a 15-acre farm located at the base of a mountain that joins Nicaragua and Honduras. The land’s mineral-rich soil gives the tobacco its unique color, texture, and intense flavor. This blend is one of Camacho’s most respected blends, described by the company as a “true powerhouse cigar that provides blasts of leather, pepper, rich coffee and oak–not for the faint of heart.”

Camacho Coyolar

“After several years of requests, there was no better time than now to bring back the original Coyolar,” stated Scott Kolesaire, director of marketing at Davidoff of Geneva USA. “We stepped outside our traditional Honduran farms to revisit the special 15-acre plot of land where Coyolar was first born. The exclusive Criollo tobaccos harvested from this area give Coyolar’s ‘Single Farm Vintage’ blend its legendary intensity and bold character. We are thrilled to add this powerhouse to the current Camacho lineup. Get ready to experience boldness without boundaries!”