Top 50 Tobacco Outlet Chains of the Year

    Top 50 Tobacco Outlet Chains

    Tobacco outlets are typically defined as establishments that sell tobacco and tobacco products, such as cigarettes. In addition to being standalone stores, tobacco outlets can also be part of convenience stores, liquor stores, supermarkets and gas stations. The following is a ranking of the top 50 tobacco outlet chains of 2021 based on store count
    (as of July 22, 2021).

    The Cigarette Store Corp.
    Rank: 1
    Store Count: 181
    Footprint: CO, FL, LA, MO, MT, NC, NE, WY

    Wild Bill’s
    Rank: 2
    Store Count: 153
    Footprint: IN, MI, OH

    Low Bob’s
    Rank: 3
    Store Count: 93
    Footprint: IN, IL

    Tobacco Superstores
    Rank: 4
    Store Count: 87
    Footprint: AR, KY, MO, MS

    Wild Wild West
    Rank: 5
    Store Count: 60
    Footprint: MI

    Smoker’s Choice
    Rank: 6
    Store Count: 59
    Footprint: NY, PA

    Tobacco Connection
    Rank: 7
    Store Count: 56
    Footprint: ID, OR, WA, UT

    Discount Smoke Shops
    Rank: 8
    Store Count: 47
    Footprint: IA, MO, SD

    NBS, Inc.
    Rank: 9
    Store Count: 43
    Footprint: OH, VA, WV

    Kwik Trip/Tobacco Outlet Plus
    Rank: 10
    Store Count: 42
    Footprint: WI

    Tobacco Barn
    Rank: 11
    Store Count: 42
    Footprint: TX

    Cheap Tobacco
    Rank: 12
    Store Count: 40
    Footprint: OH

    Discount Tobacco Outlets
    Rank: 13
    Store Count: 30
    Footprint: TN

    Collett Enterprises
    Rank: 14
    Store Count: 30
    Footprint: IN, KY

    Tobacco Plus Discount Outlet
    Rank: 15
    Store Count: 24
    Footprint: LA

    Dot Discount/Cigarette City
    Rank: 16
    Store Count: 24
    Footprint: DE

    Smokes For Less
    Rank: 17
    Store Count: 23
    Footprint: NY

    Smoke Shop
    Rank: 18
    Store Count: 21
    Footprint: IN

    Cigaret Shopper
    Rank: 19
    Store Count: 20
    Footprint: ME

    Tobacco Market/Sir William
    Rank: 20
    Store Count: 20
    Footprint: SC

    Delta Distributors/Discount Tobacco Outlet
    Rank: 21
    Store Count: 20
    Footprint: AL

    Smokes 4 Less
    Rank: 22
    Store Count: 20
    Footprint: NY

    Smokin Joe’s Tobacco and Liquor
    Rank: 23
    Store Count: 19
    Footprint: IA

    Cox’s Smoker’s Outlet
    Rank: 24
    Store Count: 18
    Footprint: KY

    Fast Lane Discount Tobacco
    Rank: 25
    Store Count: 18
    Footprint: KY