Living the Dream: Tobacco Shop of Ridgewood’s Gary and Barbara Kolesaire

Lots of tobacco shop customers muse about what it would be like to run their favorite cigar haunts. Thirty-eight years ago, Gary and Barbara Kolesaire decided to find out.

Gary and Barbara Kolesaire of Tobacco Shop of Ridgewood in NJ

Most about-to-be-married couples busy themselves debating which caterer to use or where to go on their honeymoon. Not Gary and Barbara Kolesaire, who decided to start their marriage and their own business at roughly the same time.

“We were about to be married, and I mentioned to the guy who owned the shop, ‘If you ever want to sell…,” recounts Gary, a pipe smoker who had been frequenting The Tobacco Shop of Ridgewood since he was a freshman in college. “We’ve been married 39 years now and have owned the store for 38.”

Initially, the duo entrusted the business to a day manager, spending Saturdays and two evenings a week in the shop learning the ins and outs of running a retail store with a specialty in pipes and pipe tobaccos. That was back in 1979, and, while the Kolesaires have been through their share of ups and downs in the decades since, today the business is stronger than ever.

“We went through every nightmare a retailer goes through,” Gary reports cheerfully. “Our rent was tripled, competitors came in, taxes went up—you name it, we faced it.”
The Kolesaires managed to meet every challenge through a combination of careful accounting (Barbara) and creative problem solving (Gary). When the rent on their well-situated shop skyrocketed unexpectedly, they signed the new lease but also leaped into action, looking for a suitable new home for their business and finding it in an unlikely spot—a small space just 100 feet away that the proprietor of an adjacent dress shop offered to sell them.

Tobacco Shop of Ridgewood in NJ

Gary Kolesaire had the vision to recognize what few would have—that this 500-square-foot space could be turned into a beautiful little shop showcasing cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco. Doing so meant eschewing the time-honored practice of showcasing cigars in their branded boxes and risking the ire of sales reps in the process, but he persevered. A practiced woodworker, Kolesaire enlisted the help of his coppersmith father to design and build cigar racks capable of displaying 100 sizes of cigars in the tiny space.

The Little Shop that Could
In 1993, the Kolesaires were able to purchase an additional 1,000 square feet of the building. This enabled them to introduce one of the first lounges in the country, situated on the mezzanine level. The design was intended to “incorporate what an American thinks he’ll see in London—and, of course, you don’t see this design in London either,”  says Gary Kolesaire. A 200-square-foot humidor was also constructed on the mezzanine level. It housed “super premium cigars,” such as Avo, Juan Clemente, Oscar and a little-known (at the time) brand located just outside Miami called Padron. The  shop was also able to win a contract with Davidoff. The 500-square-foot original store was then rented to another business.

“By 1996, with the Cigar Boom catapulted into full throttle, the humidor was rebuilt using the full 500-square-foot area of the little store,” says Kolesaire. “The right product was essential and this gave the shop additional room to grow.”