Room101 Partners with La Palina Cigars for Distribution


Robert Caldwell, who has been a collaborator with Booth and has handled the distribution of Room101 brand up until recently, supports the move and had the following to say about Booth and the distribution changes.

“Matt was my first friend in the cigar industry. We have kept our friendship first through all of our endeavors. We are so alike in thought that we practically finish the others’ sentence. I started working with Matt on a couple of joint-venture projects after he left the industry. His love for cigars and drive brought him back in full force. The past two years working with Matt have been the most fun years of my career. Working with Matt was never business. It was always two friends enjoying doing things together,”

“Sammy and Clay from La Palina are two of the most talented operators in the industry. The four of us have shared a friendship that preceded me making my first cigar. When the opportunity arose between Matt and those guys, I was nothing but happy and supportive for Matt. This is a great fit for all of them. We will continue to work together on our shared projects and additional fun stuff in the future. Go out and buy some damn Room101!”

Down and Back, LLC will continue to distribute the two cigars that Booth and Caldwell collaborated on–Hit & Run and The T. Room101’s cigars will be exhibiting at Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2020 in Las Vegas, Jan. 29-31, 2020.

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