Operation: Cigars For Warrior Ships Millionth Cigar to Troops

Operation: Cigars For Warrior ships Millionth Cigar to Troops

Operation: Cigars For Warrior ships Millionth Cigar to TroopsOperation: Cigars For Warriors (CFW) has shipped its one millionth cigar to United States troops deployed overseas in combat zones.

CFW collects cigars from individual donors by mail and at cigar events of all sizes and formats across the United States. Events are staffed by volunteer event coordinators and are typically held in conjunction with retail donation centers, cigar industry groups and manufacturers.

The organization has shipped 1 million cigars despite disruptive pending regulations from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that have prevented manufacturers (previously a major source of cigar donations) from contributing cigars to charity.

CFW supports pending bi-partisan legislation that would exempt premium hand-rolled cigars from the FDA’s regulations.