Nicholas Perdomo, III. Promoted to National Director of Sales at Perdomo Cigars

Nicholas Perdomo III Promoted to Director of Sales at Perdomo Cigars

Perdomo Cigars has announced the promotion of Nicholas Perdomo, III, to the position of national director of sales.

“I have never pushed my son to be in our family’s business,” states Nick Perdomo, Jr. “He gained a priceless education absorbing and learning at the hip of my late father, Nick Sr., our pre-industry manager, Aristides Garcia, and our production manager, Sarah Gonzalez. Eighteen years of spending his summers in Nicaragua and learning from the very best was essential and proved his passion for our family business. His knowledge about cigar manufacturing, growing, curing, fermenting and aging of cigar tobacco is remarkable. He really embraced everything and simply loves every aspect of premium cigar manufacturing.”

Nicholas Perdomo, III, graduated from the University of Miami, he joined the in-house sales team and worked closely with the retailers daily. He has traveled with many of the sales representatives visiting shops and meeting retailers face-to-face.

“Nicholas is open-minded, passionate and persistent. We have worked closely together over the years to develop sales programs to help our retail partners be more successful with our brands,” says Arthur Kemper, vice president of Perdomo Cigars. “Nicholas’ intrinsic respect for others is his greatest asset and shows his maturity beyond his years.”