How to Make Your Business More Inclusive

    Inclusive Business Tips

    Janelle Lamar | ATL Cigar Co.Are you looking to bring more diversity and inclusion into your business? Janelle Lamar, ATL Cigar Company’s director of marketing, recommends making the following three moves.

    1. Listen and trust what you’re told. It is important first to listen to those who are different than you, but trusting them enough to actually buy into their suggestions and ideas is a whole different thing. Old habits are hard to break, but for change to take place, they must be broken. Take a risk and pursue someone else’s idea.

    2. Seek a second or third opinion. Seek more than just one “token” person. Black people are not a monolith. Not all women share the same experiences. Take time to learn from a host of individuals within the demographic you’re seeking to include.

    3. Make changes at the top. If you’re seeing your brand start to stagnate, or even if you’re doing well but are looking for a new spark, try changing how your company’s leadership looks. This is a centuries-old industry with a lot of established brands, but the industry is changing, and you can be part of that change.

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