Finding Innovative Solutions for Vapor Consumers

    Finding Innovative Solutions for Vapor Consumers

    Consumers have an array of choices when it comes to vapor products in 2021. Nicotine vapes have become widely available at convenience stores and smoke shops, and new cannabinoid-based vapes have entered the market since 2018 when the U.S. Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived cannabinoids.

    CBD and nicotine vapor products compete on the same shelves now. So, who is choosing each? The vape they use is just one aspect of these consumers’ lives. Using Brightfield Group’s new Evergi platform, the differences in the product preferences and causes of stress for CBD vape users and nicotine vape users can be explored. Knowing what they look for in products and the problems they face is a great starting point toward creating innovative solutions for these consumers.

    Demographic Overview

    • Both types of vape users are most likely to be millennials.
    • Only 5 percent of CBD vape users are Baby Boomers, whereas 14 percent of nicotine vape users are Baby Boomers.
    • Both users skew male.
    • CBD vape users have more high-income users. Nicotine vape users are more evenly distributed between lower and upper incomes.

    Brightfield Group | CBD vs Nicotine Vape Users

    Product Preferences
    What product claims are important to these vape users when shopping for food and beverages? Nicotine vape users look for products that are energy boosting, while CBD vape users are more likely to look for products that help with sleep and promote relaxation. These preferences align with each vape’s purported effects. Nicotine provides a boost of energy and attentiveness. CBD products are positioned for a variety of needs—especially focus, relaxation and sleep.

    Brightfield Group | Product Attributes Vape Users Look For

    When it comes to the types of nutritional label claims they look for, nicotine vape users under-index for nearly all of them. They are less likely to look for products that are low sodium, low sugar, low fat and low carb. Conversely, CBD vape users over-index for several of those nutritional label claims—especially low sugar. It seems CBD vape users desire products that help with their health and wellness goals significantly more than nicotine vape users do.

    Causes of Stress
    Brightfield Group asked respondents in our Evergi consumers study to list their top three stressors. Both nicotine and CBD vape users are particularly stressed by money, with nicotine vape users 81 percent more likely than the general population to report money as a top stressor. Regularly purchasing vape products costs money. This may cause strain when paying for other aspects of American life.