Camacho Cigars: Crafting a Built-Bold, Live-Loud Experience

Scott Kolesaire shares insights on how Davidoff’s Camacho Cigars, an intense and experience-driven lifestyle brand, leverages events, branding and education to rattle the premium cigar market’s status quo.

Camacho American Barrel Aged

Fire, motorcycles, steel, barrels—these aren’t typically objects you would associate with premium cigars, but they perfectly capture the spirit behind Camacho Cigars, a brand that’s part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group. Davidoff has set out to provide every smoker with something in its wide range of products and brands, and has challenged the preconceived stereotypes of who a cigar smoker is and what he or she may like.

With Camacho, Davidoff engages with a cigar consumer who is far more relaxed, laidback and less of the suit-wearing high-end “aficionado” that the majority of industry markets and appeals to. Camacho delivers an attitude of unapologetic celebration for those who want to boldly challenge the status quo rather than quietly contemplate it. Whereas Davidoff embraces the “time beautifully filled” mantra, Camacho’s is far more blunt and in-your-face: “live loud.”

Even with the opposing mantras, Camacho fits perfectly within the Davidoff portfolio. In recent years, the premium cigar manufacturer has shifted its focus from providing cigar aficionados around the world with products to providing them with memorable experiences. Camacho, if anything, is not just a collection of cigars—it’s a lifestyle, and its marketing and overall branding speaks to a group of consumers often overlooked in the premium cigar world. With an “everyone is welcome” mentality, Camacho’s bold smokes pair well with its “live loud” mentality, never holding back and always setting out to give cigar enthusiasts from all walks of life an experience to remember.

Camacho Diploma Special Selection 2017

Camacho’s growth in the past decade can be attributed to several things: fully executing a strategic 360-degree marketing approach, successful product innovation, and powerful consumer engagement through national road tour events and social media.

“It’s a ‘built-bold, live-loud’ experience,” explains Scott Kolesaire, Camacho’s senior brand manager. “We want the consumers to be immersed in the Camacho lifestyle. Great experiences create great memories. If a consumer has a great experience at a Camacho event while smoking Camacho cigars, the likelihood of them returning to purchase a Camacho cigar to relive that experience increases dramatically.”

Camacho’s events are full-on productions and treated like a big music act’s tour rather than just an in-store cigar event. The brand has become known for its road tours that have crossed the U.S., bringing with them music, drinks, swag, games and even virtual reality experiences for consumers to take part in. Camacho has even expanded its events category with the return of its Camp Camacho, giving followers of the brand a chance to not only visit Camacho’s new factory in Honduras but to also take part in activities like ziplining that will have them feeling like they’re living on the edge. For some companies, these events may feel like too much of an investment, but for Camacho, it provides them with an opportunity to educate, entertain and create a loyal customer.