5 Morning Habits of Successful Tobacco Entrepreneurs

Your morning habits can set the the tone for your day and how successful you are in general. Here are five habits of several tobacco entrepreneurs that can lead to big gains and successes in your own career.


3. Create a Meaningful Morning Routine
Are your mornings predictable and structured or is each morning free and loose? If you think having an unstructured morning is a benefit to you, think again. Most successful entrepreneurs have a set routine that will set the tone for the rest of the day and can lead to big gains.

“I’ve typically had a cigar in my mouth by 10 a.m. for the last 21 years,” revealed Juan Lopez, national sales manager for Gurkha Cigars. Whether it’s smoking a cigar, coffee, or exercise–make a routine and stick to it. A morning routine or ritual can help you reduce stress, help you remember things, and help you better manage your time all around the more structured you are in the early hours of the day.

4. Start Your Day in Your Inbox
After his morning coffee, Ventura Cigar Company’s Michael Giannini checks his email. While there are ongoing debates on when’s the best time to check your email–and how frequently you should do so–a survey conducted by Robert Half Management Resources gives reason for why those who check their emails early in the day may be the most successful. In this survey, nearly 50 percent of executives reported that they start their day checking emails compared to 39 percent of entry-level employees who do the same.

Checking emails in the morning has many benefits, from giving you an early sense of accomplishment that can lead to more productivity, to helping you manage your day and prioritize tasks.

5. Mornings are for Learning
Boveda’s Sean Knutsen and Tim Swail both block out time to learn each morning. Both executives believe in the power of reading and starting off the day with a book, something many other successful executives in the tobacco industry agree with. One of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, Warren Buffet, recommends reading at 500 pages a day to help build up your knowledge.

Reading has many other benefits other than helping you learn new stuff. It can improve your comprehension skills, it can reduce stress, improve your speech, and can help you understand other people’s mental states, all skills that can be of great benefits to anyone working in the tobacco industry which is very people-driven.

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– Story by Antoine Reid, an editor and digital content director for Tobacco Business Magazine. You can follow him on Instagram @editor.reid