TPE Exhibitor Spotlight: Royal Agio Cigars U.S.A.’s Jaime Flórez-Estrada

Royal Agio Cigars Balmoral XO

Tobacco Business: What product(s) will you be featuring at TPE 2018? What differentiates those products in the market?
Jaime Flórez-Estrada: We will be featuring the following core premium cigar products at the TPE 2018: the premium handmade Balmoral Añejo XO and Panter Premium Cigarillos. Balmoral Añejo XO premium handmade cigars are unique because they are the result of an intensive blending process with exceptionally aged tobaccos—an Añejo blend crowned with a sun-grown Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper to deliver notes of cedar wood, cacao, spices and an underlying sweetness.

Panter Premium Cigarillos are blended with a natural leaf wrapper and premium tobaccos to deliver a distinctive, smooth and flavorful cigar experience sure to satisfy any sophisticated palate. These are the best small premium cigars I have ever smoked. We will be formally introducing Panter Premium Cigarillos in an innovative box format at the show that importantly also delivers merchandising convenience to retailers, with a very special introductory offer of 40 percent more for free (14 premium cigarillos for the price of 10).

Why are you going to TPE? What do you hope to accomplish there?
As we just recently established our U.S. headquarters for Royal Agio Cigars U.S.A., we’re attending TPE to continue building our relationships with our valued trade partners, increase awareness for our high-quality premium cigar brands and to discuss mutually beneficial ways to grow our respective businesses.

What have you done to prepare for a successful show?
We’ve been working with the collaborative team at TPE and Tobacco Business magazine to develop communication and promotional plans to help make retailers aware of our presence at the show, as well as aware of the exciting new products being introduced. We’re really looking forward to the show.

What are your goals for 2018?
As mentioned previously, overall we hope to strengthen our relationships with retailers and cigar smokers in the U.S. market in a way that increases awareness and appeal for our brands and adds real value.

What keeps you up at night?
Having recently opened our new U.S. headquarters and established our own operations domestically, we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities ahead of us, supported by a tremendous portfolio of great premium cigar brands. What keeps me up at night is raw excitement to continue making significant progress against our aggressive plans and initiatives for the U.S. market, which we’re confident will delight our retail partners as well as cigar smokers.

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