Tobacco Business Retail Survey 2021: The Results


    What cigar brand is most popular in your store?

      1. Padrón Cigars
      2. Arturo Fuente
      3. Drew Estate
      4. Perdomo Cigars
      5. My Father Cigars

    What is your store’s most popular pipe tobacco brand?

      1. None/Don’t carry or sell pipe tobacco
      2. Lane
      3. Cornell & Diehl
      4. House Blend
      5. Sutliff

    Tobacco Business Retail Survey | Product Discovery, Digital Marketing Tools

    What is the most popular vapor, CBD and/or alternative product sold in your store?

      1. None/Don’t carry or sell vapor, CBD and/or alternative products
      2. Juul
      3. Vuse
      4. Smok
      5. Glassware

    Tobacco Business Retail Survey | Sales Performance, Popular Cigar Sizes, Online Store

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