Smoker Friendly Acquires Cigars on 6th

Smoker Friendly

The Cigarette Store Corp. (TCSC) d/b/a Smoker Friendly, the largest retail tobacco store operator in the country, has announced it has acquired “Cigars on 6th”, a premium tobacconist and cigar store based in Denver, Colorado. While the store will continue to operate as “Cigars on 6th”, Smoker Friendly will introduce its brand of cigars to the store. Smoker Friendly plans to maintain the team and employees currently at “Cigars on the Six”.

“The acquisition of this store is a great opportunity to continue to expand our footprint in the Denver market and more specifically continue to grow our market share in the handrolled cigar retail sector,” commented Terry Gallagher Jr., President of TCSC/Smoker Friendly. “We are very excited about bringing the great premium cigar business that is established in this store and the unique neighborhood personality that Dan Dunne created at “Cigars on 6th” into our portfolio. Dan and his team did a great job of creating and building this iconic Denver cigar store. We are proud Dan looked to Smoker Friendly as an acquirer when he was ready to exit the business.”

Smoker Friendly will set out to grow its retail footprint nationally with future acquisitions. For the latest news from Smoker Friendly, visit