STG Acquires Majority Stake in Italian Cigar Company

Scandinavian Tobacco Group Acquires Majority Stake in Italian Cigar Company

Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Moderno Opificio del Sigaro Italiano (MOSI), an Italian cigar company with approximately 40 employees and production facilities located in Orsago, which is in the northern part of Italy.

“We are excited about this acquisition. With a majority stake in MOSI we are acquiring modern cigarmaking craftsmanship and a premium brand that will increase our offering to our consumers and the opportunity to take further market share in an important market. This is our 5th acquisition since 2016 and I look forward to further cementing our proven track record of creating value from acquisitions of brands and businesses,” states Jurjan Kelp, senior Vice President of the Europe Branded division in STG.

This acquisition is part of STG’s continued “Rolling Towards 2025” strategy, strengthening the company’s share of the Italian machine-rolled cigar market, which is one of the largest cigar markets in Europe. It also enhances STG’s leadership position in Europe’s machine-rolled cigar category.