Royal Agio Cigars to Open Headquarters in U.S.

Royal Agio Cigars to open U.S. Headquarters

In a demonstration of its commitment to U.S. retailers, Royal Agio Cigars has revealed plans to open a wholly owned U.S. headquarters. Agio Cigars will be adding dedicated staff to help strengthen its U.S. presence and enhance its support of all trade partners and consumers.

The decision to open a headquarters here in the U.S. comes after Royal Agio’s premium cigar brands have found success here in the U.S., in part thanks to its distribution partner Drew Estate. Agio Cigars and Drew Estate will have their own dedicated sales and marketing teams focused on helping all of their brands continue to grow in the U.S. Royal Agio will also be adding trade development and retailer support staff to their operations while working with Drew Estate on the transition. As of now, Drew Estate will continue to distribute Agio Cigars’ products and the two companies will continue to work together through international collaboration and European distribution.

“Agio is recognized worldwide as a premium tobacco company with a rich of making cigars with uncompromising quality,” commented Boris Wintermans, CEO of Royal Agio Cigars. “While the art of selecting and blending premium tobacco is accepted worldwide, the U.S. market fully appreciates the artisan style of producing larger vitolas, primarily by hand. Our Balmoral Anejo has been rated 92 and was honored in the “Top 10” cigars by Cigar Journal. We will continue to demonstrate our larger cigar and handmade acumen in the US as our full resources come into place through our US headquarters. We are proud and confident to open our own operations in the largest cigar market worldwide.”