Pioneering Spirit: Celebrating 50 Years of Davidoff Cigars

Oettinger Davidoff is celebrating 50 years of Davidoff cigars and honoring Zino Davidoff’s legacy in a big way.


“If Davidoff had a signature, it would be written with this exceptional Diademas Finas cigar,” Simon explains. “It’s a celebration of the craftsmanship of our master blenders, built with 10-year-old filler tobaccos from one of the best crops in 2007, giving it an unparalleled sense of balance and signature Davidoff sophistication. It stands as proof of Zino’s pioneering spirit and the most diverse and stimulating offering for our customers to choose from.”

The cigars will be packaged in 10-count porcelain jars, a first for Davidoff. Each of the jars is numbered and contains a humidification device. There will be 4,000 jars available in the U.S. The jars will also present four distinct art designs. The designs, which were created by French artist Mariane Leger, reflect Davidoff’s drive for discovery and the brand’s desire to deliver a wider world of extraordinary cigar experiences.

Davidoff Cigars Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Gastronomy and Other Collaborations
In September, Davidoff will introduce its second limited Chef’s Edition cigar, which will be tied into the 50th anniversary celebration as well. The 2018 Chef’s Edition cigar is a collaborative effort between Davidoff and five Michelin-starred chefs. Each of the chefs—Thomas Keller, Shaun Rankin, Alvin Luong, Klaus Erfort and Heiko Nieder—will also host an event in their respective markets.

“The 2018 Chef’s Edition is a representation of global gastronomy and shows where we’re going with Davidoff,” Simon explains. “Zino Davidoff was a pioneer and an explorer who was always looking for new tastes and innovations in flavors. The chefs collaborating with the project embrace that philosophy by searching to find new flavor experiences themselves. It’s a perfect marriage between what they’re all about and what Davidoff is all about.”

The Churchill family will even be joining in on the celebration. In 2008, the family approached Davidoff about making a cigar to honor the celebrated British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Since then, Davidoff incorporated the entire Winston Churchill cigar line into its Davidoff brand portfolio, giving it the same level of prestige as any of the cigars that bear the iconic Davidoff white ring. Throughout the year, Randolph Churchill, Winston’s great-grandson, will make appearances atDavidoff stores to share stories about his great-grandfather’s love for cigars and why the family chose Davidoff to make the cigar that would bear his name.

While 50 is an age when most people start to look forward to retirement, Davidoff is looking forward to its evolution over the next half-century. As part of the 50th celebration, Simon promises that the company has a few more surprises in store for its consumers and retailers later in the year—surprises that will honor the company’s heritage and that might even indicate Davidoff’s future exploration into new taste experiences. Considering his own lifelong pioneering pursuit of excellence, Zino Davidoff would most assuredly be pleased.

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By Stephen A. Ross, senior editor of Tobacco Business Magazine. Photos courtesy of Oettinger Davidoff AG