NYC Passes Aggressive Anti-Tobacco Legislation

New York City Passes Anti-Tobacco Legislation

It will soon be more difficult and expensive to buy tobacco products in New York City. New York City’s Committee on Health has passed a series of anti-tobacco bills that will impact cigarette pricing, retailer licensing, the sale of tobacco products and the price of various types of cigars. The bill, 1544-B, was passed on Aug. 9, 2017 by a vote of 33-9.

This new bill will make the sale of all tobacco products in pharmacies illegal, limit the number of tobacco retailers in the city, increasing the fee for tobacco retail licenses, attempt to cut back on the current number of tobacco retailers in the city, require a license to sell e-cigarette but also limit the number of licenses made available, and making it a requirement for residential buildings to create smoking policies that are clearly communicated with current and new residents.