Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco Cancels Puro Sabor 2022


This year, the festival opted for a virtual format that according to the organization was watched and listened to by thousands of premium tobacco lovers from around the world. The virtual event included 11 free sessions featuring different companies and businesses involved in the Nicaraguan tobacco industry. The sessions were moderated and presented by Reinhard Pohorec of Light ’em Up World and Ra’ed Saqfelhait of The Leaf Master Dubai.

The press release announcing the cancellation of Puro Sabor 2022 also touched on the state of the country’s tobacco industry. The Nicaraguan tobacco industry has been able to maintain the quality and production standards that has helped it to meet all of its commitments to its customers despite the challenges of the pandemic. The premium tobacco industry directly employs more than 40,000 people. To protect its employees from the pandemic, Nicaragua’s tobacco factories have all adopted strict prevention measures at its facilities during the pandemic.

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