Davidoff Announces Limited Edition Year of the Tiger Release

Davidoff Cigars Year of the Tiger

Davidoff Cigars is celebrating the Chinese New Year with another cigar made especially for those aficionados that are into collecting and smoking rare cigars. Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, Davidoff releases a limited edition cigar and accessory line each year saluting cigar enthusiasts born in that year’s Chinese zodiac. For the tenth edition, Davidoff is releasing the Year of the Tiger limited edition cigar, pipe tobacco and accessory line.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger, a zodiac characterized by strength, energy and determination. Because of the Tiger’s sharpened senses and their awareness of their surroundings, people born in the year of the Tiger are always ready to seize an opportunity. They will choose a direction, make a decision and will not backtrack or regret those actions. They are said to be born leaders and when creating the blend for this cigar, Davidoff created a cigar that reflects these characteristics perfectly.

The Year of the Tiger cigar features a Connecticut wrapper, a first for any Davidoff limited edition. This wrapper leaf was treated naturally to mimic the fur markings of the tiger on the finished cigar. It is presented as a 5 x 52 Piramides vitola blended with three proprietary Davidoff hybrid tobaccos that culminate into a new taste experience. The cigar has a golden hue that begins with notes of pepper and cedar wood before transitioning to a creaminess with notes of cacao leather and roasted notes. This all leads up to a surprising addition of honey in the final draws of the cigar.

Davidoff Cigars Year of the Tiger

“We are overly pleased and proud of this tenth edition of this range of Davidoff products celebrating the Chinese New Year. Our design teams and Master Blenders have poured all their expertise and craftsmanship into the creation of these spectacular executions.” says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer of Oettinger Davidoff AG. “From masterfully creating a blend with a Connecticut wrapper as a first for a Davidoff Limited Edition cigar to designing a spectacular box inspired by the natural habitat of the tiger. On to accessories crafted by hand of utmost quality and exclusivity, the  Year of the Tiger  products are worthy of Zino Davidoff’s pioneering spirit and are sure to fill the time beautifully of aficionados around the world.”