MLB Cigar Ventures and Matilde Cigars Create Distribution Company

MLB Cigar Ventures and Matilde Cigars Create Distribution Company

Mike Bellody (MLB Cigar Ventures) has teamed up with Enrique Seija (Matilde Cigars) to form a new distribution company–SeiBel Distribution. This new company will be distribution both companies’ cigars throughout the U.S.

With this new company, the two companies are parting ways from their previous distribution partners at SAG Imports and Quesada Cigars. This SieBel Distribution will ship from its warehouse in Santiago, Dominican Republic, using UPS’ Cigar Direct platform. This move does not affect the companies’ production plans at this time.

“My company has experienced significant growth in sales and brand awareness. That growth makes this the next logical step in the evolution of MLB Cigar Ventures,” Bellody explains. “Enrique is not only my business partner in SeiBel, he has also become a very close friend. I’m extremely excited that we have come together to create a pathway for continued success for both of our companies. I will forever be grateful to Manolo and the entire Quesada family for all they have done for me and my cigar company.”

Seijas added: “A key factor to Matilde’s success has been our close relationship with our retail partners and brokers. SeiBel Distribution will allow us to have more direct control over our warehousing, shipping and customer service, enhancing our current relationship with our retail partners. Partnering with Mike was an easy decision because we share similar business philosophies when it comes to brand growth and distribution. Working with SAG Imports and the Quesada family has been a great experience. Now it’s time to enter a new and exciting chapter.”

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