Mastering Working Relationships: Tips from Miami Cigar’s Jason Wood

Miami Cigar & Co.’s Jason Wood shares his tips for building familial bonds in the workplace and the benefits they bring to your business.


“My previous jobs were all with large corporate sales forces and never with a family business. Immediately I realized that my decisions would be felt both positively and negatively,” he explains. “On one side, it is exciting to know that your decision is going to move the needle, but on the flip side, it’s concerning because that needle can head the wrong way with a bad choice. The key is to ensure that if a bad decision is made that it is remembered and never done again. Learn from your mistakes, become a better leader, and ensure that those errors are never committed again.”

Embrace Your Strengths
Wood may have gotten the best advice on leadership from his own father, who told him that when you take care of people, people will in return take care of you. This is a lesson that Wood has applied to his own leadership style, which involves acknowledging that nothing can be accomplished alone. It’s all about teamwork and hustle, and the best leaders are those who embrace the relationships they’ve built throughout their journey toward the top.

While the consolidation and acquisition of retailers by larger manufacturers who are suddenly entering the retail side of the business concerns Wood, he’s optimistic about Miami Cigar & Co.’s future. Next year, the company will celebrate its 30th anniversary in the cigar industry, an accomplishment that wouldn’t have come about without the strong bonds and relationships formed between the Miranda family and its retail partners over the years.

“Although we do have a large footprint in the industry, we are still able to give that personal touch to our retailers and work one on one with them to ensure that they are receiving the service they deserve,” Wood says.

Demonstrating the company’s ability to hustle, its flexibility and its commitment to customer service to retailers is Wood’s goal for this year’s International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) trade show and international convention in July. While the IPCPR show will give the company a chance to showcase its premium cigar products, it will also allow the team to spend valuable time getting to know their retail partners and what they’re looking for from Miami Cigar & Co.

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– Story by Antoine Reid, an editor and digital content director for Tobacco Business Magazine. You can follow him on Instagram @editor.reid.