Las Vegas: Getting Back to Business

    Las Vegas Convention Center

    As COVID-19 cases continue to fall, Las Vegas is ready to welcome meetings and conventions like TPE21 back to the city. The Las Vegas Convention Center’s Brian Yost shares the measures that have been taken to ensure all of those returning to the city can do so safely.

    Las Vegas is one of the world’s premier meeting and convention destinations. For years, many of the largest trade shows and conventions, including the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE), have made the city a place where serious business is conducted among the backdrop of great restaurants, entertainment and overall fun that Las Vegas has to offer. In 2019, an estimated 6.6 million visitors attended a meeting or convention in Las Vegas, making 2020 a year that no one in Las Vegas would ever have predicted and would likely not want to relive. Las Vegas, like many cities around the world, grappled with the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic all last year, and five months into 2021, the city is ready to get back to business and welcome conventions like this year’s TPE21 back as well.

    TPE21 | Brian Yost, Chief Operating Officer Las Vegas Convention Center
    Brian Yost, Chief Operating Officer

    “After a challenging year, Las Vegas is open for business, and we are anxious to safely welcome and host meetings and conventions once again. We look forward to welcoming TPE21’s organizers, exhibitors and attendees to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) on May 12 for a safe and enjoyable show,” says Brian Yost, chief operating officer of the LVCC.