Gurkha Cigars Launches Social Media Pairing Contest

Gurkha challenges its Gurkha Nation to come up with the best pairings to win prizes

Gurkha Cigars Pairing Contest

Gurkha Cigars launches a social media contest that challenges the Gurkha Nation to share their favorite pairing of Gurkha with vodka, tequila, rum, scotch, coffee and beer for a chance to win a series of prizes.  Beginning Friday, Nov. 3 and running through Wednesday, Nov. 8, the contest will focus on a different beverage each day to pair your Gurkha and share your photo on Facebook (, Instagram @gurkhacigars, or Twitter @gurkhacigars with #GurkhaPairing.  Prizes will be given out daily and include signs, ashtrays, growlers and humidors.

To help provide some inspiration, Eddy Guerra, Gurkha’s Director of Marketing has provided some background on some of the most ideal Gurkha pairings though there is really no wrong way to enjoy a Gurkha:

Vodka has a neutral flavor and is generally made form grapes, grain and/or potatoes.

  • This versatile liquor takes on the flavor of whatever you mix or infuse with it including juice, fruit, herbs or botanicals. You will want to match your cigar with any martini, mixed drink or infused flavor so that it complements your beverage.  An optimal pairing will allow you to taste and enjoy both at the same time.

Cigar recommendation: Gurkha Royal Challenge

The following products, which include tequila, Rum & Scotch all evolve when aged unlike Vodka so it is important to note their aging when pairing with a great cigar.

Tequila is produced from Blue Weber Agave primary sourced from Mexico.  There are five types of Tequila.  With every classification of tequila the price increases with age.

  • Blanco Silver Puro 100% tequila must be bottled in Mexico, 0-2 months ageing mixable and versatile for shots, margaritas and other cocktails

Cigar recommendation:  Gurkha Master Select

  • Reposado Puro 100% tequila must be bottled in Mexico aged 2-11 months in oak barrels can be from recycled spirit producers or new barrels. The aging brings smoothness and definition to the tequila also adding a light golden hue to the product. Makes a great Gold Cadillac Margarita.

Cigar recommendation: Gurkha Ghost

  • Anejo Puro 100% extra aged for at least 1 year, must be bottled in Mexico and barrels cannot exceed 600 liters. During this process the tequila softens, develops into a rich golden amber color with a taste profile that is complex with layers flavor. Anejo can be chilled or poured on the rocks if you like a more open flavor.

Cigar recommendation: Gurkha Cellar Reserve Limitada