EAS Announces Cue Vapor System

EAS Cue Vapor System

E-Alternative Solutions has signed a multi-year marketing and distribution agreement to exclusively market a revolutionary new system in the U.S.

E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) announces the widespread release of the Cue Vapor System, which it will begin distributing to high-volume retail locations starting early next year. The Cue Vapor System is a patent-pending technology that delivers full-flavor, all-day vaping with just the push of a button. “It is vaping made simple,” says Alex Basile, CEO of Digirette, the inventor of the device. “Click in the desired pre-filled, leakproof cartridge and push the button. No coils to change or tanks to fill.”

EAS and Digirette recently signed a multi-year distribution agreement whereby EAS, a sister company to Swisher International, will be the exclusive distributor of this technology in the U.S. “Cue is unique because it combines the satisfaction of sub-ohm vaping technology with the ease-of-use and simplicity of an e-cigarette,” says Jacopo D’Alessandris, president of EAS. “Many people are turned off by vaping because of its complexity. Whether you’re a cigarette smoker looking for an alternative or a diehard vaper, Cue will give you satisfying vapor with just one click.”